Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Easy Tabs: Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is my favourite guitar program as it is very easy to use and get tabs for. The tabs are not only easy to see, but the program also plays it for you and shows you where you are so you don't get lost. It shows you all the parts that are in the song. One of the cool features this program offers is the slowing down of the song. that's really useful if you're learning a very fast bit that's hard to make out. You can also turn the volume down on all the parts individually so for example if you're learning the lead guitar part you can turn it off and replace it.

I use Guitar Pro 5, but there is a newer one which I never bothered getting.

Getting tabs for this is very easy. You can just go on the internet and download them directly or do what i did. Download a file called 60000 tabs uploaded by auron. It will pretty much give you all the tabs there are for every band. You will occasionally not be able to find a tab but that's very rare.

This program is not free, although there are ways of getting it free pretty easily, but that would be illegal. You can download the program and find a license key on the internet. 

With this guitar program I learned really a lot of songs and is very, very useful. It is definitely worth getting if you're a guitar or bass player.

If you don't want to spend the money or do it the illegal way(which of course you shouldn't), you can just use songster which is not quite the same, but it does play the song for you which can help if you have to learn a song and you don't know it that well.

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