Sunday, 14 April 2013


There are many things you can improve your soloing with. You know that feeling when the backing track is playing, you try soloing but nothing sounds right? Well this is how you can change this.

The simplest thing you can do to sound in key is use chord tones. For example when your backing track is in Em use the notes from the chord. You can even try playing chord on chord and that can sound awesome.

You should always record yourself, even if you think you sound really good or really bad. you can always find things you can improve on or change. When you have a recording of your solo its easy to analyze it. If you have an android phone you can download HD audio recorder pro which allows you to record over a recording. For example you can think of a backing track and record it, then play it and solo over it while recording. To do that you need an android powered phone, HD audio recorder pro (i think it costs something but you can get it free from 4shared) and a guitar. If you have and electric guitar you can use an auxiliary cable to make your phone louder.

I recommend you always use scales, but you should also think outside the box. Don't depend on scales. 

Imagine your solo or sing it before you touch your guitar. This prevents your solos from sounding too mechanical and like an exercise. 

You can also use your pickups and effects to make your solos more interesting. I recommend you buy the bandora mini on amazon (costs about £80) as it about 200 preset sounds, rhythms like drums and metronomes, a tuner and also allows you to create your own sounds. 

Your guitar isn't a piano. Use vibrato and bend your strings. You can make your solos sound very emotional an pro if you master bending.

Use silence. You don't have to play constantly. 

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