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Monday, 22 April 2013

Good Guitarists To Look Up To

Being one of the best isn't just about your speed or technique. I know a lot of great guitarists who are absolutely pro and could easily be in any good band, but they don't have what it takes to be considered one of the best. To achieve that you need your own original feel and sound and these are the guitarists who have that:

Slash: I really love the emotion in his playing. He achieved it with hours of hard work which not everyone has the time or patience to do. Learn his solos as they will definitely improve the emotion in your playing.

Ritchie Blackmore: His classical riffs and sound are absolutely unique. You should definitely check him out.

Joe Satriani: Pure class. One of the best guitarists out there. Look him up on YouTube as he can teach you a lot. Don't start learning any of his stuff if you're not advanced, because you will fail and it will be a waste of time.

Steve Vai: You can learn many useful exercises from him. One of my favourites. The emotion and feeling in his playing is unreal. Listen to ''Tender Surrender'' and ''For The Love Of God''.

Kirk Hammett: Definitely worth checking out. Very melodic solos. Not all are fast. You will definitely find something for yourself. Uses a lot of wah wah which is pretty much his signature thing.

B.B King: He says he plays whatever he likes. Well he's a genius and there's no question about it. The people who were writing music for him said it was near impossible as it was too complex. His guitar sings. He is the icon of Blues and his complex vibrato and bends are now part of every rock guitarists repertoire.

Carlos Santana: Its hard not to recognize his bluesy latin influenced tone. Brilliant guitarist.

Jimi Page: Another one of my favourites. Brilliant solos and ideas. Probably the only famous guitarists who can play with a violin bow.

Eddie Van Halen: I couldn't believe I was actually hearing it when I first heard ''Eruption''. It's actually easier if it sounds if you give it the right amount of time. He definitely left his mark in rock history.

David Gilmour: He is my favourite. Every noise he make with his guitar has beauty in it. He is no shredder and is very underrated, but his solos are genius. He can play many other instruments like the drums, bass and banjo.

Jimi Hendrix: Considered the best by almost everyone. Just look at his freedom. Absolutely unique tone. Shame he did so much drugs, but the music would probably have never been created if not for them.

This list is supposed to give you something to look up and influence you. Learn some solos by the guitarists as it should increase your repertoire.