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Monday, 15 April 2013

Making Your Fingers Stronger

A commonly asked question is how to get your fingers stronger and tougher. You can achieve it by simply playing a lot and practicing scales. Thats effective, but there are ways which can speed the process up. You can practice specific licks like the beginning of ''Am I Evil'' on an acoustic guitar but that only affects your first finger and your pinky. Playing an acoustic guitar will generally make your fingers blister and get tougher. I have a very old cheap acoustic guitar that is not a good guitar, but it did wonders to my strength so I highly recommend that if you have a pretty bad acoustic guitar, you play it as much as you can at least until your strength improves. I know it doesn't feel or sound good playing a guitar like that, but trust me, it's worth it. One of the nicest feelings you can get is when you change from a very hard to play acoustic guitar to an electric guitar or a good acoustic guitar.

Many people, even the more advanced ones have a problem with improving the strength of their pinky finger. That is quite tricky as your pinky finger is the weakest and you barely use it when you start learning to play the guitar, because you think it's useless. You couldn't be more wrong. Your pinky is a very valuable tool that is as important as any of the other fingers. There are certain songs and riffs you can practice to improve the performance of your pinky such as ''Message In A Bottle'' and ''Every Breath You Take'' by The Police. They're not bad, but i know an exercise that is very effective and here it is. Its not the most complicated thing, but I assure you it works.